My Home My Voice: Cultivating a voice on rural health access that comes from rural voices themselves.

The My Home, My Voice Fellowship [MHMV] is year-long writing/blogging initiative with the goal of highlighting the voices of writers from rural America. Through trainings, mentoring and coaching, MHMV supports Fellows by giving voice to their experiences, especially as it relates to the challenges of accessing reproductive health in their communities.

During the 12 months of the Fellowship, the Fellows will:

  • Produce at least 4 blog pieces/articles, at least one of which will discuss rural access to reproductive health and abortion. These pieces can be of varying structures (e.g. narrative, analytical, persuasive, image-based) and of varying length;
  • Receive training from the The Op-Ed Project;
  • Participate in monthly online discussions with other fellows and the fellowship coordinator;
  • Receive ongoing editing and blog placement support for their pieces;
  • Receive individual sessions from an independent, professional coach;
  • Receive support in identifying and attending a state- or national- level conference or meeting that supports their development as social justice leading voices in rural communities;
  • Receive a $1,000 stipend

Interested in Applying? The Next Application Round will occur in Fall 2016!